Our Kennel Yard

Situated near the lovely market town of Strathaven on the main A723. We are very accessible from surrounding area such as Hamilton, East Kilbride, Larkhall, North Ayrshire etc.

The business has been established continuously for almost 40 years and has always been run by the Mair Family

The Dogs kennels are of good size and each has a dog bed with comfortable vet bed fleece bedding. The kennels are cleaned and disinfected twice daily. Some kennel blocks have constant access to large covered runs and our free exercise areas are very large grass paddocks where the dogs enjoy having long periods of free running in a safe environment. Our friendly experienced staff make sure every animal has lots of care and individual attention. Food is plentiful and of good quality. Special diets can be given

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Prices £10.00-£15.00 per Day

All dogs must have a current booster vaccination and kennel cough vaccine for their protection

 are housed in individual runs with a bed area at the rear. Good quality tinned and dry food are on constant supply

The cattery is set apart from the dog boarding area to provide a quiet, safe clean environment

Prices £6.00-£7.50 per Day

All cats must have a current booster vaccinations for feline enteritis and cat flu.  

Guinea Pigs
£2.50-£3.00 per Day
£4.00 per Day