Janice Mair writes:


I had my first Boxer given to me while still at school by my aunt who owned her dam and had bred from her in 1953. I sometimes wonder if we inherit our love of certain breeds as my aunt had three Boxers one whom she bought at a show in Manchester in the fifties where he had won a first prize.

David and I bred Boxers when we married in the late sixties, several years before we came to live here. During the sixties the Burstall Kennel was disbanded when Major Bostock died and I bought one of the bitches from Peggy Haslam (then Thomson who handled for Burstall). She was called Burstall Miss Lacey; I also bought two dogs Burstall Bugle Call and Burstall Frederick. Although these two dogs did a lot of winning, the bitch was the Star and she became my first Champion ‘CH Burstall Miss Lacey’.

I also bought a bitch from the late Peggy Penn called Stainbundorf Gremlin Cinna and mated her to Summerdale Knockout (who I had acquired from Marion Fairbrother). I kept a bitch and she became our first home bred champion ‘CH Glenauld Gossip’. At the same time I became great friends with Sheila Law and bought Blupines Arabella & Blupines Arabesque who both won several Res CC’s.

My next Champion came via Lynn Llewelyn-Davies, a son of her Ch Delapoer War Paint namely
‘CH Delapoer Pied Piper’ who became my first male Champion. I also owned Delapoer Night Owl who won 1CC and several reserves.

At this point the children were growing up and wanted ponies so I left the ring to allow them to take up firstly Pony Club and then Show Jumping at which they were both successful and competed in Scottish Teams. I think I must have missed the breeding aspect of this sport so my daughter Lynn and I started breeding Dutch Warmblood Sports Horses. Horses which we bred have been very successful all over Britain.

In the late nineties, after Lynn had had a nasty riding accident and had been told not to ride for 3 months, we had two nice boxer puppies so I took her along to some open shows — and look what happened — she is now as hooked on showing & breeding quality Boxers as myself.

Both Lynn and my granddaughter Suzanne joined the Glenauld affix in the nineties and we have enjoyed great success with our Boxers ever since. (See our Champions page). We also made up the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Champion ‘CH Manto Kid Sheleen’ bred by the well known corgi specialist Frances Toman from Ireland and we have also recently made up our first Boston Terrier Champion - 'CH Glenauld Gianfranco' seen below winning his 3rd CC and BOB at Richmond Championship Show Judge Mr Tim Jones.